Ask the hot TikToker “maneuver” to catch the lover using the phone … What to do?

Ask the hot TikToker "maneuver" to catch the lover using the phone ... What to do?

TikTok is currently the most popular short video viewing site in Vietnam with a large number of users. Linda Ngo – Phong Dat – One of TikTok’s longtime followers, one of the most sought after hot diktokers today, is no stranger to the couple.

Hot couple TikTok got a lot of attention

Recently, Linda Enko shared a “secret” on her Dictoc channel to check her boyfriend’s phone in a very subtle way.

Accordingly, Linda raised a problem when she always wondered why Fong Todd used the phone in the toilet for so long. Because of that, she has secretly checked her boyfriend’s phone very cleverly. Linda used the built-in feature on the user’s iPhone. This is an AirPlay feature built into iOS. The AirPlay screen mirroring feature on the TV allows you to quickly display the content currently displayed on the screen over a wireless connection from your iPhone to the TV.

Linda’s video gets the community’s attention

This featureSupport connectivity and signal transfer from Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, mEnjoy the best viewing and listening entertainment experience on your big TV screen.

To enable this feature, you must have open TV access Install Apple AirPlay. Then use the iPhone Open screen reflection. Select the device connected to the iPhone and enter the code displayed on the TV on the phone. Note, both TV and iPhone devices must use the same Wi-Fi network.

Listen warmly to the plan that catches the lover using the phone provided by DickToker ... Can you do something relaxed?  - Photo 3.

In addition to the “secret” shared by Linda Enko to “catch” your boyfriend, you can use this feature to watch your favorite movies or watch the same pictures on your mobile …

Good luck!

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