81 goals in 15 matches

81 goals in 15 matches

The SC Jodoin Born last summer. In the P3 brand, with impressive stats, the new club that crushes everything in its path: 14 wins and 81 goals in 15 league matches. Walhine only succeeded in forcing Jodoiknois to share.

At the end of last season, RAS Jodoigne announced to the P3 players that they could leave. RAS, which is formed in D3 amateurs, wants to align its U19 team to P3. Suddenly, a whole group of thirty people find themselves without the club.

“We talked to the leaders of SAR and they said we could create a club if we wanted and we could share facilities. I contacted a number of players and asked if they were motivated by this challenge and they all responded positively.”, Announces Martin Dehat, Coach of SC Jodoi.

At the center, there are even several players who were playing in the D3 amateurs last season. This is the case Bertrand Bavin, Former defender of SAR Jodoigne: “Martin called me to find out if this project impressed me. I know there are many players with the same profile as me who wanted to spend more time with their families at the end of their careers. We finally formed the same team we had in Jodhpur four or five years ago.

“The basics of the project are to bring friends together and have fun” Jerome Ginian, Zodoin’s series scorer, says. Players have fun and the results follow. With no appealing statistics, he scored 43 points out of 45 and scored 81 goals above all elseā€¦ SC Jodoine became the other team’s batsman in the series. Walhine was only able to snatch a division (3-3).

The new club has a first team and a U9 team. Nobody had money here, everyone agreed to come and play for free, explains coach Martin Dehat: “We’re all volunteers. When I called the players, I told them I wanted to build a good team, a good team with experienced players, but we had no money. We were just starting out. 98% signed up straight away. There are even players who reject P1 offers with more money Join the new club “.

Although SC Jodoigne dominates its series, there is no question in talking about the topic: “We’ll improve the game through the game, we’ll see later” Concludes Bertrand Pavin, Zodoignoys Porter.

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