Will Smith knows he can't pass Tom Cruise

Will Smith knows he can’t pass Tom Cruise

Pour in the Will Smith, Tom Cruise’s advertising marathons prove that he’s not a man like everyone else, or even a man.

There is a theory that Nicholas Cage and Tom Cruise are fair Two-year-old vampires with a plan to suck the fluid out of mankind ; He became a world-famous star, turned into a cachetonur, and later only collected the money of cinematographers who became a test actor; Another, then world-famous star An Uber-caricature version of the American blockbuster Pebble.

By 1996, Cruz was already known on a planetary scale. He is absolutely primary The young Prime Minister went from status to firm actor, And is preparing to settle down as the carrier of the blockbuster identified by the release Impossible goal First name of the same year. On the other hand, Will Smith published The Prince of Bel-Air Bad Boys The year before that and his box office dominance is about to lay one of the foundations Independence Day.

Photo, Will Smith, Martin LawrenceThis is nothing new to my Prince Bel Air ?!

He will be consulting with Austrian Oak and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the evening of the opening of his restaurant, Hollywood Planet. Since Smith revealed Who is inside During the interview for his autobiographical release, the T-800 offered him the following advice:

If your movies are successful only in the United States you are not a movie star. You are not a star until every person in every country in the world knows who you are. To cross the whole globe, Shake all hands, Give each baby a kiss. Imagine yourself as a politician in the race to be chosen as the biggest star in the world. ”

Tip that the governor will use for his own business. Smith watches the competition around him:

I started noticing that other actors hate travel, Have to talk to journalists or do advertising marathons. It was sheer madness to me […] Then I started noticing the rest of the match to see who knew, Who else had the secret. “

Photo by Will Smith

Then, If the ad is wrong, We know how to forget …

Will’s research led him to Tom Cruise, and he was clear. “Head of Peloton“And Smith sought to draw inspiration from it beyond measure:

I relaxed and began to separate all of Tom’s advertising activities […] When I came to a country to advertise, I was asking local administrators to provide me with a list of Tom’s ads, And I swore to myself that I would do two hours more than him, It’s okay How much he was doing in each country.

Unexpectedly, Tom Cruise is a cyborg, Or there are six like him. I received news that I had been ambushed at 4:30 p.m.S Red in Paris, London, TokyoIn Berlin, Tom signed every autograph until no one else wanted to. Domin advertising marathons are one of the most impressive in Hollywood. ”

Photo by Tom Cruise

“-You are committed to advertising, Mr. Cruise ? –Yes, I catch the microphone just as easily, Saw ! ”

Suddenly, Smith made it so much easier: If he can not become Tom Cruise, He will be the Will Smith rapper-actor. So, at the end of each preview, Smith did live performances that attracted hundreds of fans:

Tom could not do itNothing more than Arnold, Bruce [Willis, ndlr], Or Sli [Sylvester Stallone, ndlr]. I went to the headlines through the entertainment column. When your film goes from entertainment to news, This is not a movie anymore It is a cultural event. ”

This story and more can be found in Will Smith’s autobiography. desireAvailable in France from November 10, 2021. Or as the father of Serena and Venus Williams Williams method Will be in theaters December 1, 2021. It is not yet known whether the film has a title Cruise mode Planned, but we will dig, I promise.

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