Le meneur NBA des Philadelphia 76ers, Ben Simmons, pourrait être échangé contre trois gros noms, présents dans l'immense liste de joueurs pistés établie par la franchise

The Secret List of Simmons’ Sixers Revealed, 3 Big Names!

After an encouraging start to the season, 76 players may be tempted to split with Ben Simmons faster than expected. Leaders will thus put together a substantial number of tracks in which 3 big superstars will appear!

Admittedly, despite their terrible whirlwind of finding themselves, their record is still positive (8-7). In addition, non-existent Joel Empide Explain the owner’s bad decisions in the current difficult period. However, a series of 5-game defeats that found the Doc Rivers men found themselves pushing them to 8th place in the Eastern Conference. Hence, the case-related discussions Ben Simmons Will start to appear again.

Thirty players, including 3 superstars, were surveyed by Philly for Simmons

Still and always reluctant to return to trial, the Australian leader recently received a new fine from his superiors. After all, his situation is not ready to change, and his future must be written somewhere other than Pennsylvania. In this context, Sam Amik Athletes Philadelphia has now unveiled plans for the front office, including … a large list of players who can exchange with the Big Pen!

But here comes a surprise: a well-known source said there were about 30 players suitable for sixes in the trade with Simmons, and some believe internally that there is a good area between them – say 5 to 10. – Available this year or next year.

Even if it is considered a long list, think of it this way: it’s roughly 6% of the league, and is almost equal to the number of all the stars selected for each season. The stimulus of such a chronology, above all, well identifies the long-term approach that the Sixers claim to use.

As they promised from the start, the Sixers were in no hurry to send Simmons from the Wells Fargo center. In a strong position, they are patiently waiting to find the right contract, which they hope will strengthen their chances of winning the title. Thus, Daryl Morey and his assistants will be watching the situation of the three biggest names very closely in the coming months!

As you may have already heard, Damien Lillard of Portland is not only on the said list, but above. Tito for Brooklyn’s James Horton, the former racquet moray tried to reunite in January, and it should be remembered that if he decides to shock basketball, he can come to Billy by signing and trading this summer. Leave the world and Kevin Durand. Top of the list: Bradley Peel of Washington. That kind of guy.

Ben Simmons will be replaced by Damien Lillard, James Horton and Bradley Peel. The Australians are therefore not ready to host the tournament again!

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