Omar Sai describes his best moments of solitude with Tom Hanks in the movie Inferno

Omar Sai describes his best moments of solitude with Tom Hanks in the movie Inferno

In 2016, Umar Zai was one of the leadersHell With Tom Hanks. Asked by GQ, The French actor told a funny story about the shooting of the film.

Ten years ago, Umar Sai’s life took a new turn. In the picture Fran பிரான்ois responds to the closet Untouchables, Fred Testote’s former Acolite was finally able to reveal the full extent of his talent. After winning the Caesar Award for Best Actor, Tropez’s native saw his career internationally. Found in X-Men, Dangerous people And Jurassic World, Who signed an unprecedented deal with Netflix, had the opportunity to respond to Tom Hanks. Hell By Ron Howard A shoot where he not only has good memories. In an interview GQ, The 43-year-old actor returned to the great moment of loneliness he experienced in the presence of the two “Giants” American cinema.

Omar Sai’s funny mistake with Tom Hanks

It has been five years since the film was released Hell, Omar Sai recalled an embarrassing scene that took place in the presence of the entire film crew. “In addition to Tom Hanks, Ron Howard was the director of the set. So it’s double pressure for two giants, that’s the right word. I really appreciate both of these I had frantic pressure. Not only that, but something terrible happened to me during the filming. I fell into the Venice Canal in front of everyone. It was the first day of filming. “, He said that this stress that had paralyzed him had soon disappeared. “They are so warm and so generous that you quickly feel relaxed. “

His surreal encounter with another American star

A few years later, Omar Sai starred with another super movie star, Harrison Ford Call of the woods. An unforgettable encounter with the French actor since seeing his partner landing in a helicopter! “You get in the car for an hour in the morning and you’re asleep … He’s coming with the helicopter too, is that normal?” He remembered with humor 50 minutes inside. “I don’t know where it came from, but it came like that, I said: ‘Well, this is really Harrison Ford! Indiana Jones is coming to film!

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