Australia mocks the nonsense of China’s top embassy

Australia mocks the nonsense of China's top embassy

Australia openly mocked the words of a senior Chinese diplomat who warned against Canberra Contract for the purchase of nuclear-powered submarines, Considering these reports “Very stupid it’s fun“.

Wang Xing, head of the Chinese embassy, ​​predicted that Australia would become a “.Bad boy“Increasing autonomy by acquiring these submarines is harder to find than conventional submarines.

Wang told The Guardian that they were designed to allow long-range attacks.

So who are you going to attack? You are no longer associated with peace, the guardian of peace, you become somewhere with a sword“, Insulted the top diplomat, and is now China’s top envoy to Australia after the ambassador left in October.

According to him, Australia “No nuclear power“To deal with any incident by submarines.

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton mocked his comments, “Provocative and funny“And”Very stupid it’s fun“.

Acting Ambassador may be reading the Communist Party script, but I think most Australians understand the futility of these comments.“, He added.

In September, Australia announced the cancellation of a mega deal to buy twelve French submarines with conventional propulsion worth A $ 90 billion (55 55 billion), selecting nuclear-powered vessels as part of a new alliance with the United States. States and Great Britain.

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