A new generation of researchers is being sought. Academy of Sciences opens internship

A new generation of researchers is being sought.  Academy of Sciences opens internship

Free trainings for high school students in the open science program are organized by the Center for Joint Activities of ASCR with the participation of the Ministry of Education.

At least eight hours a month

The internship runs year-round – from January to December 2022. The lecturer determines the training schedule by contracting with the trainers to suit both parties. But it should last at least eight hours a month.

“As a high school student, I participated in many events for students myself, and it helped me a lot to clarify what I would enjoy doing in the future,” said Vítězslav Jarý of ASCR’s Institute of Physics. Open science lecturers preparing internships for creating smart LED lights for next year.

From the internship of Vítězslav Jarý

Photo: Jana Blavek, AS CR

“It’s an undeniable advantage for a young person to have the opportunity to see how science works in a top-level workplace, the work that involves scientists, and how the physics lab works in our case,” he added.

The lecturer will decide on admission

Applicants can choose from a database of internships The web. You can search by science department, area, field and company. Each internship has places for one to three students, who will complete it together. Graduate students can also apply if they want to continue their studies at a university or college.

Student admission will be decided by the lecturer announcing the internship. “Therefore, with an application and a letter of encouragement, it is good to participate in a competition and demonstrate your interest in a chosen topic, such as the Olympics or the recommendation of a teacher or parent,” suggests Michela Markova, project coordinator for ASCR joint activities. Center.

The trainees are obliged to produce a brief note and presentation of their work at the company, through which they will attend the final Student Science Conference next fall. At the end of the internship, students will receive a certificate of completion, which will significantly help them in the university admission process.

“However, they can use their experience in a different field of education or elsewhere in science to determine the direction of their future careers,” Markova noted.

Academy of Sciences: The internship will definitely be live

Since personal encounters with scientists and knowledge of the scientific and research environment are fundamental, internships will take place despite the limitations caused by the Covid 19 epidemic. However, part of the research is devoted to theoretical training and online consultation.

“If restrictions continue due to Covid 19, internships will take place online, in the form of consultations and online meetings, as well as literary studies,” Markova noted for Novinki.

However, he believes the internship will take place directly. “Through the release of the activities, we hope that the internship will return to normal during adolescence or in recent private meetings with high school students’ scientists. In the summer, internships take place more actively during field research, weather observations or bird nest building,” he added.

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