Why Nicholas Patum played only 14 minutes yesterday

L’ailier français des Los Angeles Clippers, Nicolas Batum, a dévoilé sa ruse pour déstabiliser ses adversaires durant les rencontres

Precious this season with the Clippers, Nicholas Patum played only 14 minutes on Tuesday night with his teammates. Is that a problem for the French? We take into account his situation.

Without Kavi Leonard, who has been injured for so long, it would be hard to imagine the Clippers doing a huge campaign in Los Angeles. The owner naturally had title desires, but without the star even the fans could not believe it. Be careful, though, because all of this does not mean you have to throw up this season, on the contrary.

After all, even though many hate him, Paul does wonders in George Angels. The former fast bowler behaves like a true leader, leading his team to a record of 9-5. This is promising, especially as Tyrone Louw’s men won again Tuesday night, with a score of 106-92 behind Spurs.

Problems with Nicolas Batum?

Bottom has not played much against San Antonio, having played more than 30 minutes in the last two games. Less than 20 minutes for the Frenchman, which prompted some questions from the fans. Simple choice of coach, or potential injury? We had the right to receive information from Lou.

Ty Lue explained that Nic Batum was performing well and was able to play with the young players tonight. Bottom played 14 minutes with clippers, all but with a few pains. Batum has played 35 and 37 minutes in two of the previous three games.

According to some reports of Achilles tendon pain, clippers like to be careful with the French, which does not surprise anyone. He’s not a high scorer, but “Batman” is very important to his team this season, especially without the saffron. Doing him off the ground would be a huge blow.

Ashamed of some pain, Nicholas was saved by the falling clippers, who did not want to miss him for so many encounters. The logical choice for the French is very valuable in this exercise. And it is far away.

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