These are the best zombie movies on Netflix

These are the best zombie movies on Netflix

Zombie movies are from the 1930s and of course George A. Popularized by classics like Romero. Night of the living and the dead. The zombie genre – or horror subtype, as some say – is still alive today.

Following the latest release of Sock Snyder Army of the Dead And with its spinoff, Netflix continues to offer a variety of critically acclaimed films based on the living dead. From action-packed rides to dark twists that make the community think, the bloody brand of cinema has survived for so many years, thanks to the various filmmakers who have made it their genre. Check out our list of the best deals, ratings and receptions currently available on Netflix.

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6Atlantics (2019)


This unnatural romantic drama was selected to compete with Palm D’Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, after which it received critical acclaim. The story of Atlantics Focuses on jobs, class, migration, crime, family struggles – and a young woman and her partner struggling with demons. Or are they zombies?

The mysterious disease captured by some of the characters finally emerges when the men who once disappeared at sea now return to capture the Dakar inhabitants of the Atlantic coast. Some might argue Atlantics This is not a “zombie movie” in the strict sense of the word, and director Mathieu Diop offers a mysterious examination of the anxious dead, which confirms him more than he deserves on this list.

5Paranormand (2012)


Voiced by Norman Babcock (Cody Smith-McPhee) The power of the dog) Never heard of the ghosts of the dead in his daily life, but his strange talent now stands between his cursed city and a complete zombie apocalypse.

Delicious and constantly entertaining, this lively story was precisely written and directed by horror fans. According to Laika, the animation studio behind the film, Paranormand It was the first stop-motion film to use a 3D color printer to create alternative faces for its puppets. More than 31,000 parts of the face have been printed, according to the Leica website. Fun and exciting throughout, Paranormand Overall received positive reviews and performed well at the box office, grossing a total of $ 107 million worldwide against its announced budget of $ 60 million.

4cargo (2017)


Outback to a zombie outbreak on Netflix acts as an unusually haunting backdrop cargo, Takes a sober, characteristic approach to its apocalypse. It follows Andy (Martin Freeman, who is even stronger Sherlock And The Hobbits), He and his wife and baby girl have to move on to the dangerous new nature of the zombie-infested Australian interior.

The post-apocalyptic horror film of Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke is based on their 2013 short film of the same name. He received positive reviews from critics and was praised by all for his emotional depth and Freeman’s performance. Some would say that this project is a permission for a 2009 movie Road With Viggo Mortensen.

3It will come at night (2017)

It will come at night

“Imagine the end of the world. Now imagine the worst,” reads Trey Edward’s description of the A24’s 2017 gem. It will come at night Focuses on a teenage boy (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) who struggles with growing horrors in the wake of an unnamed epidemic that is plaguing the world. Her parents (played by Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ezoko) hide in a lonely house in the depths of the jungle. Father’s paranoia triggers “It’s coming at night, and we’re watching most of this thriller with our eyes closed. Although initially disappointing at the US box office, It will come at night It was critically acclaimed worldwide and eventually grossed $ 20 million on a budget of $ 2.5 million.

2# Living (2020)


South Korea’s latest zombie movie revolves around the live video game streamer’s struggle for survival as he is forced to be left alone in his Seoul apartment during a zombie apocalypse. When the terrible virus catches the city, Streamer is locked in his apartment, disconnected from the world and with some escape options but a relentless desire to survive regardless.

# Living Screened on Netflix in September 2020 and two days later the platform reached No. 1 in the world, topping Netflix’s daily rankings in 35 countries. It is the first Korean movie to top the Netflix Global Movie Rankings.

1Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead

Jack Snyder presented him with one of the best modern zombie movies of 2004 The dawn of the dead Re-creation. Zombie Horror has been magnified to fit his big return Army of the Dead Starring Dave Batista, he turned Vegas into a collective of undead degeneration. Startup Credits (Snyder’s Special) shows this acquisition as a lineup of slow-motion tablocks and forms a trusted franchise.

With around 75 million viewers, critics praised the film’s comedy, which became one of the most watched original films on Netflix. The film created the preface The force of thieves, The next animated series Vegas lost And is titled A Live Gallery The planet of the dead, Which is in development.

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