The Awful Password List |  Most Used Passwords in 2021 |  Mexico |  Spain |  Game-game

The Awful Password List | Most Used Passwords in 2021 | Mexico | Spain | Game-game

No matter how many times you say it over and over again: there are people dedicated to creating passwords that are easy to hack. Annual plan Key Manager Managed by NordPass and shared a list of the 200 most used passwords for the current year. Read quietly, because it is difficult to understand how the keys are even easier to hack.

Passwords reappear in bad password list posts. Most keys will repeatedly advertise a letter such as “123456789” or “oooooo”. The list also has other options such as “Password” and “abc123” which stand alone.

Why do we do this? Why do we make passwords easy to hack? Strictly speaking, one creates such easy passwords because these are only one-time accounts. That makes a lot of sense; However, there are accounts that contain personal information, and it is best to prevent that data from falling into the wrong hands. If you have created accounts that you can use once and therefore create easy passwords, we recommend that you delete the account to avoid leaving any traces.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a list of the 20 most popular passwords for 2021.





















WhatsApp | Hacking methods

WhatsApp Internet

Many people want to use the WhatsApp web at home or at work; However, many people log into their account system. Currently, Meta’s own application allows you to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously, so you can chat without scanning the QR code. If you use a machine, laptop or computer at your work center, it is best to leave, otherwise anyone will see what you have written. Check with whom you exchanged documents, photos, videos, etc.

Security code

If you have purchased a cell phone or want to sign in new, you need to install WhatsApp and put the security code you receive on your cell phone.. But not only you, anyone can enter your WhatsApp with your number.

If the stranger tries to contact you, send him a security code, Or six digits, it is better for you to ignore him because he may be a hacker.

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