Introducing the “OTV” Evening Newsletter for Wednesday 11/17/2021

Introducing the "OTV" Evening Newsletter for Wednesday 11/17/2021

If the current efforts to overcome the obstacles to the cabinet meeting do not lead to a concerted solution, it does not mean that it will not continue or ultimately achieve the desired results, not only with deteriorating living conditions, but also with the expected political benefits, constructions and logos, and by drawing up plans and implementing realistic solutions to the problem. There is an innate need for competent executive authority to deal with and work on the recovery path.

Regarding relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, President Michael Aung is scheduled to visit Qatar on the 30th of this month, where he will meet with the Emir of Qatar to discuss with him. Recent developments include the invitation of President Aun, who previously requested to travel to Qatar, to attend the Arab Cup in Doha a few days ago.

In the context of the presidency, Amal Abu Sayyid, the Russian ambassador and adviser to the president on Russian affairs, during a recent visit to Papua New Guinea He mentioned it in a press conference. The announcement of the move came from the head of the Russian space agency, who confirmed today that he had signed a document with very detailed pictures in response to a request from the Lebanese leadership.

Turning to the political issue, the election heat is increasing day by day. The campaign comes amid intense calls for the remaining three days to register and participate, with the remaining three days due to the overseas registration deadline, while submitting an appeal announced yesterday by Rep. Zebran Bazil regarding the latest amendments to the strong Lebanese federal election law. The confusion caused by some political and media organizations on the topic of data leakage caught the attention of recorded publishers. It is from this topic that we begin the newscast.

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