In London, Eric Jemmore did a last minute diploma by the Royal Institution

In London, Eric Jemmore did a last minute diploma by the Royal Institution

How do you say “get screwed” in English? Bad surprise for Eric Zemor: “Treacherous Albion” strikes again! The esteemed Royal Society, one of the oldest British scientific societies, agreed to hold a conference in London next Friday and decided to cancel at the last minute. ” We had a simple email, without any justification 2, condemns the entourage of the Defendant.

Too bad, More than 300 foreigners had already registered for the event, recalling Eric Zemorin’s team who considered it an end in itself. ” Incomprehensible in terms of business law “And a” The main mistake “,” Except for knowingly wanting to ruin that moment . ⁇ We paid the full bill, provided technical details with their teams, and discussed arrangements until last night “, We assure you, we refer to the reservation” The contract was for two weeks “The lawsuits against the Royal Institution – which welcomed candidate Fran பிரான்ois Fillon in 2016 – were also considered … contacted by the” Obs “,” The Royal Institution “, indicating that the cancellation was made following a formal procedure. “Perfect Perseverance” – It assesses the risks and potential negative impacts of an event.

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In Armenia in December

However the conference is to be held elsewhere and its address will be announced on Thursday. The “private meetings and lunches” scheduled for Saturday – and almost every candidate can use it to raise funds for his race for the Elysee Palace.

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Having trouble exporting to Eric Zemor? His conference scheduled for November 24 in our Swiss neighborhood was also a headache. Geneva Mayor Frédérique Perlier announced “In principle, his presence is not welcome. However, it is not optimal for a city managed by Geneva. A “Political decision aside, but consistent with the values ​​protected by the city of Geneva.”, A step selected. According to our information, the negotiator is scheduled to travel to Armenia from December 11 to 15. If not further canceled.

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