Google Chrome: The new Windows 11 theme is now available – here’s how

Chrome users have been waiting a long time for Google to adopt the new Windows 11 look and update its popular browser accordingly. With the recently released version 96, a test operation can now be performed with the “Flag” option.

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 11 Refers to the new material design including rounded corners and “mica”, which enables various transparency effects on all windows and programs. Using Google’s example shows that not all developers follow these guidelines or that their optical updates will be released much later. Chrome. Adaptation to the Windows 11 format has been on the agenda for a long time, but is now being carried out via minor alternatives (via). Windows is the latest) Released with version 96.

Google Chrome 96Old look (angular men)
Google Chrome 96New look (round corners)

This is how you get the look of Windows 11 in the Chrome browser

With the help of the test flag, you can now enable rounded corners for the main menu, the context menu for websites and the menu for the tab bar. For visual adjustments, Chrome users should use the following manual method.

  1. Open “Chrome: // flags” in the browser’s address bar
  2. Find the word “Windows 11” here
  3. Set the “Windows 11 Style Menus” option to Enabled
  4. Restart the Chrome browser

As the integrated screen shots show, the look shifts a lot towards Windows 11, thus making it look more consistent. It is possible Google “Windows 11 style menus” will be expanded in the future and further changes will be added to this flag in future updates. The search engine operator is expected to provide Chrome and Windows 11 users with an improved design for a long time to come. But, this year is not likely to be like that.

In addition to the new Windows 11 look, Google Chrome 96 speeds up web pages with improved cache functionality and improves the integration of images into PNG file format. The main advantage should be seen when adding PNG files from the clipboard to the browser, because in this case the dropped metadata will be retained.

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