Epac Systèmes no longer prints books, on demand or in series, on Malesherbois

Epac Systèmes n

Ebak Systems, at Malesherboys, There is an on-demand book printing company near Pittsburgh Stopped all operations Last spring, after the termination of the exclusive contract with Editis. It was created in 2017 and manifested itself on the basis of a “revolutionary technology” called Copernicus.

There are three employees

Thirty employees, including managing director Marianne Bunchard, were laid off this summer due to a lack of new customers to replace Editus. There are three more to remove the machines (Digital Printers and Stanley Robot), Site Manager Adrian Treshot.

On behalf of the managers of Epac Technology, he is sufficient to answer our questions American Community Mom Directed by Sacha Dobrovolsky.

The last employees must also be laid off by the end of the year. For now, Epac Systems still exists but should Undoubtedly the judiciary is subject to dissolution.

This “failure” The printer closest to the case calls it, This “big mess” was confirmed by Adrien Tréchot (12 million euros would have been invested in the construction and improvement of the site), however, did not make much noise. Only one article has been published by News, Last April, without official confirmation or denial.

The “world revolution” did not live up to its promises

Ediths, who did not comment, said it was “surprising” to be asked about the future of this “service provider”. Editis though The parent company of Interforum, In Malesherboys, it is the logistics site for the books of the publishing houses of the Federation.

Epoch Systems was built behind the interface and attached to it by a 70 meter long conveyor belt. An exclusive agreement was signed between the two parties.

Epac was also unveiled with great fanfare in the presence of Many Persian publishers, June 28, 2017. Eric Levy, then Managing Director of InterForm and Director of Ediths Movements, delivered an emotional speech. We are titled “The Copernican solution, a world revolution”.

According to this printer who wants to be anonymous, The modules that Editis originally promised were not delivered.

“We, the printers, learned on March 29 that Copernicus had abruptly shut down. Editis came to us to restore the functionality we had lost! We’re so happy! A dealer could not upgrade himself as a printer.Axis-on-demand presents difficulties in terms of flow and profit Whereas it requires huge investments!

Printer near the case

According to Adrien Tréchot, head of Epac Systems, if the problem with the size of the process arises, it is resolved after the first imprisonment. “We have reached 4 million a yearAnd Epac Systems recorded sales of nearly 3 2.3 million in 2019.

According to him, the breach of contract is due to ambitions Vivendi, who acquired Ediths Group in 2018. Vincent Pollor’s team also wants to buy a hatchet …

“No more books to print”

Still, Epac may have looked too big. Three former employees who speak anonymously talk about wasted money and administrative problems.

As for the technology, it was not created, according to them. The future robot may not work as expected. The machines printed small series, “100 to 2,000 copies”, but rarely personal books.. Site manager Adrien Tréchot has denied several allegations.

Since March, he has been sighing “there are no books to print”, one of the staff saying “big mess”. The beautiful promise of innovation (even?) Would have lived only four years.

Carol Tripout

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