Chrome will receive updates until 2023

Google is committed to implementing security updates in Chrome on Windows 7 until January 2023. Recognizing that companies are slow to move to Windows 10, Mountain View has announced one-year software support. Extra.

Google Chrome

In January 2020, Windows 7 was officially declared obsolete. More than 10 years after its release, the operating system has lost updates. To ensure a smooth transition, many software vendors are committed to providing updates to their products after this date. Also, most antiviruses will work on Windows 7 until 2022.

The same goes for Google. Mountain View originally promised to support Chrome until July 2021. Google has postponed the deadline for Chrome updates to Windows 7 to January 2022, as the deadline approaches. Makes business transition easier With large-scale computers.

Google guarantees 1 more year of updates on Chrome on Windows 7

For the second time, Google postponed the deadline. In a recent updated blog post, the US company announced that software support for Chrome on Windows 7 will finally end. January 15, 2023. Of course, Google will make security fixes during this additional support period. Do not expect new features to land.

“Chrome extends support for Windows 7 until January 15, 2023 for important security and stability updates to protect businesses that continue to switch to Windows 7”, Google details in another blog post. According to Google, 21% of PC companies running Windows 7 by the end of 2020 are still in the process of moving to Windows 10. If Google Chrome were forced to extend support, we imagine the statistics would not change much.

This new date coincides with the end Extended support for Windows 7 businesses. Microsoft is offering tariff updates for companies moving slowly to Windows 10 or Windows 11 until January 2023. After this date, the last users of the operating system will be themselves.

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