ActionCOACH hosts the largest CroissanceCLUB workshop in Australia

World No. 1 in Business Training, Action Coach Takes pride in setting up the largest CroissanceCLUB workshop in Australia. Event hosted by multi-millionaire Bruce Campbell.

A big credit to ActionCOACH

Multi-millionaire, world No. 1 Bruce Campbell, has been running ActionCOACH, the largest CroissanceCLUB workshop ever held in Australia for almost 25 years. So, 500 business leaders came together for this planning workshop, which is the logo product of ActionCOACH.

With more than 1,000 business coaches in over 50 countries, ActionCOACH’s mission is to allow managers and owners to gain a clearer, more strategic view of their organization and to place the tools needed to reach the highest levels. Success when giving more freedom and personal satisfaction to the company.

ActionCOACH is based on a proven method and measurable tools. The brand operates in harmony with the fundamentals of companies (vision, time management, communication, team management, marketing, finance, regularization, etc.) and the intentions of the company and its leaders.

Become the owner of ActionCOACH

With a personal contribution of ,000 60,000, the future ActionCOACH owner must meet the following conditions:

  • Entrepreneurs, Developer and Manager,
  • Training and / or experience in entrepreneurial / intra-entrepreneurial management,
  • Integrated with local entrepreneurial fabric,
  • Deep desire to help others succeed,
  • Convenient in organizing activities,
  • Results oriented and customer satisfaction,
  • Oral comfort, having a collective feeling,
  • Learning taste,
  • Language Proficiency: English.

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