Xbox Cloud Gaming finally comes to the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One

Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, is finally available on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One. In other words, Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscribers can try out games via the cloud before installing them on their computers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox with great fanfare. Throughout the week, the manufacturer made unexpected announcements, starting with the addition of 76 additional lagging compatible games and increasing the initial availability of the highly anticipated Hollow Infinite multiplayer beta.

And frankly, Redmond still had a big surprise for players, and especially Xbox Game Boss Ultimate subscribers. In fact, the US company has now announced Advent of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Xbox Series X and Series S and Xbox One.

Microsoft announced the release of this feature in October 2021, but it is currently only available to members of the Insider program. Not like that anymore. In other words, subscribers to Microsoft’s gaming site and owner of one of its engines Instantly try selected topics from the Xbox GamePass list via Cloud, Without installing them on their console.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, the open door for the next generation

Installing games is the center of experience, so you can quickly find and test a large number of topics in the cloud until you find something you want to install. Xbox ”, Microsoft explains.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Support is a big step for Xbox gamers. This technology will make multiplayer games easier. A friend invites you to play Sea of ​​Thieves, but you have not installed the game yet? To join your game immediately you need to go through the cloud.

In addition, it may be the main attraction of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Still players on the Xbox One can try the Xbox Series X exclusives Such as Rift Breaker (Author’s note: we recommend), Compile again Or Middle Directly to their old Zen console. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is definitely offered for subscribing and getting a high performance internet connection.

According to Microsoft, This feature will first be available with the November update Before the global rankings in the coming weeks, for a limited number of players.

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