The idea of ​​your place and the frogs in London will change your life

The idea of ​​your place and the frogs in London will change your life

By Laurent Collin | 11/17/2021 at 2:39 pm | Updated 11/17/2021 at 2:48 pm

Calendar of arrival. Day 17. The sequel continues with Isabel Lami. This Ikea alumnus has only one goal: to allow all of us a better or more organized life.

Isabel Lamy A trainer in storage and organization. He assists his clients in ordering, creating and upgrading storage in different rooms of your home or office and improving your daily life. It’s Isabel’s core business, but her training in interior design and her experience at IKEA’s layout (layout and decoration) and design of storage solutions (especially using IKEA resources) are now one of its primary services.

Idea for your place: the best in our lives

Isabella also intervenes for help when Londoners move frequently, seeing small blows and big blows. Upstream: Sorting, arranging furniture, designing new storage solutions … and when moving: unpacking boxes, setting up … any of Isabelle’s services can work on your page, at home, or guide you remotely on video.

If you are very busy, but every detail of your home dessert house is calculated, do not hesitate to contact Idea for your place.

Before that, the right reflex Download frogsinlondon On your mobile (application is available through the App Store or Google Play). You will receive one hour free for every 10 hours (equivalent to a 10% discount on the base hourly rate of 40 / h).

So in your scores, do set by set and be neat!

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