The family who was trapped in the flood for 4 days was rescued by helicopter

The family who was trapped in the flood for 4 days was rescued by helicopter

Severe storms have hit the Australian interior in recent days and turbulent weather has triggered floods and warnings over large parts of southern and eastern Australia. This Tuesday, The family of four who were stranded for four days was rescued by helicopter, According to police. The flood prevented first aid.

Ori and Lindsay Javros, a couple from Perth, and their two young children were crossing the Simpson Desert in Central Australia. When their campervan stumbled after the encroachment. They alerted the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on Friday to their position and implemented a tragic lighthouse.

But flooded for several days Made any rescue mission impossible, Authorities were only able to drop a satellite phone, a long-distance radio, food and water. After waiting in the desert for several days, the police confirmed it The family was safely evacuated Tuesday afternoon.

“The family was flown to Cooper Bed at night, where they will make the rest of the travel arrangements,” South Australian Police said in a statement. “We are delighted and tearful that they have finally been rescued,” Ori Javros’ mother told ABC National Television.

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