“Terrible signal”: Merkel was criticized for talking to Lukashenko

"Terrible signal": Merkel was criticized for talking to Lukashenko

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Merkel has been accused of contradicting the EU’s position and effectively recognizing Lukashenko as Belarus’ leader.

For example, Omid Nouripur, a member of the Green Party and a member of the Bundestock International Affairs Committee, called the November 16 talks in Deutschlandfunk a “terrible signal.” He noted that the EU did not recognize Lukashenko as a legitimate president, but Merkel, after conducting the conversation, actually did.

In Estonia, they are also frustrated in conversation. There, Marco Mickelson, chairman of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, criticized Merkel. According to him, the acting president “thus recognized Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus”.

“This is a serious disappointment, because we have taken the general position that we do not recognize Lukashenko as head of state of Belarus., – says Michkelson.

Poland has confirmed that it is outraged by the move. Deputy Prime Minister Yaroslav Kaczynski noted that “internationalization is certainly necessary, but not enough to negotiate with our heads and make such proposals.”

And on October 26, Merkel’s term ended. However, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier He asked He will remain in office until the next president is elected. Merkel is currently acting president.

What were they talking about?

On November 15, German government spokesman Stephen Seibert said that Merkel and Lukashenko had discussed the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland, as well as the need for humanitarian assistance to immigrants and refugees staying there. Seibert said Merkel and Lukashenko had agreed to continue discussions on these issues.

This is the first telephone conversation between Alexander Lukashenko, president of one of the European countries, since the August 2020 presidential election in Belarus, the results of which have not been approved by the European Union.

Migration crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus

The crisis has worsened since the beginning of November due to immigrants seeking to enter the EU via Belarus. Ministry of National Defense of Poland Said Many provocations on the border, especially by the Belarusian border guards.

According to the National Security and Security Council, the migration crisis could affect Ukraine as well as Belarus. There are 16 thousand immigrants.

It was known to be there on November 15th More and more immigrants are going, Which led to the change by the Belarusian border guards. People are trying to break down fences. Also, gunfire was heard at the border. According to the Ministry of Defense, these are provocations of the Belarusians “Everyday has become a reality”. They are said to be baked from hollow bullets.

Nov. 16 morning, immigrants Began throwing stones Polish border guards and the army did not stop trying to break through the border. Water cannons and tear gas were used by Poland.

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