Netflix offers new top 10 places in the most watched movies and series!

Netflix donne un nouveau top 10 des films et séries les plus regardés !

Netflix is ​​releasing a new top 10 movies and series. More reliable and accurate classification than ever before!

Netflix has good news Its subscribers. Launches the entire site The new top 10 is very reliable In the most watched movies and series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix reviews its rankings

Unlike TV, Netflix audience is difficult to calculate. The streaming site also has its own system.

Admittedly, Netflix often has the top 10 on its homepage, but it’s not very reliable. For good reason, some pictures are found Are well categorized, whereas they are disappointing in the eyes of the public.

And if you are looking for another movie it is not very pleasant The first 10 are unreliable. But how to explain it?

Well, it’s simple. Not by looking at the time Netflix counts visitors, but by the number of clicks. More specifically, the operating system is calculated 1 audience after 2 minutes of viewing. Yes, yes, very low!

In fact, it explains why some films or series Was able to slip through the cracks. But that period is now over!

To get the most reliable and accurate rankings, Netflix has now launched the site This site, therefore, lists the American giant Most watched movies and series On stage.

After all, the streaming giant is changing completely His way of measuring his audience. MCE TV tells you more!

Netflix offers the top 10 most watched movies and series!
Netflix offers the top 10 most watched movies and series!

Brand New Top 10

Some were looking forward to this day. He has finally arrived! Netflix finally allows its subscribers The most reliable top 10.

Today, The American legend is betting a lot on its top 10 spots To attract as many people as possible. But this time Netlix decided to do better!

In fact, Netflix has decided to launch Site dedicated to visitor rankings. It would certainly be very reliable, but above all very relevant.

At, subscribers Thus the top 10 places of the week can be found Most watched movies and series.

These lists are different now Depending on the country and language, And hours seen. Enough to target so many projects not to be missed on Netflix!

Netflix states that the site aims to show its subscribers the most watched movies and series worldwide. To get the idea, the week from November 8th to 14th, 2021 ஆள்குடி, கமுக்கமான And Demon SlayR. Most viewed.

On our British friends page, series Young Sheldon and you are the winners this time around. It has nothing to do with the top 10 places in France!

So fans can see the differences in the existing selection between different countries around the world. Except, Netflix does not want to stop there.

In fact, the site is already plannedAdd documentaries and reality shows For this popular top 10. In the meantime, it’s good to stay connected!

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