London wants 1 trillion in exports

Londres veut notamment doper ses aides financières à l'exportation par l'intermédiaire de son programme UK Export Finance.

The British government launched a plan on Wednesday to boost its exports by boosting financial and administrative assistance and aims to reach 1000 1000 billion worth of goods sold overseas last year against $ 600 billion.

London in particular wants to increase financial support for exports through its UK Export Finance program, and SMEs in the UK want to dedicate 4 4 ​​million to a fund to help boost their export sales. Other activities of the “Twelfth Plan”: Aware of Brexit’s complex practices, launch an advertising campaign and export support service for companies selling goods and services in Europe. The ‘Export Academy’ will be launched to help guide SMEs through formalities, and a new exhibition showcasing UK export companies will be launched.

“Important moment in our history”

“We are at a crucial moment in our national business history.”, International Trade Minister Anne-Marie Travelian commented. “Prolonged Problems in International Trade”, Especially due to the crisis in the supply chain “As businesses continue to adapt to the UK’s new relationship with the EU, businesses need to look at future opportunities.”, Karan Pilimoria, adds the head of the CBI employers’ organization.

Leaving the EU since January 1 has become a reality, and Boris Johnson’s conservative and pro-Brexit government has promised to give British international trade a new impetus. Although several free trade agreements, including one with the European Union, have been signed by London, a major trade agreement with the United States, favored by Boris Johnson’s government, is not yet in sight.

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