Link to download the new PUBG New State Game for Android and iPhone

PUBG New State

PUBG has announced the opportunity to start signing up for the PUBG New State Game from last February, but the game’s developers have officially made it available to users on the Google Play App Store, meaning it will be available for Android. Users.

PUBG New State

New PUBG New State

And according to the release of “SportsKeida”, it is possible for fans Also Android phone users download PUBG New State through Google Play Store or use APK and OBB files because most users prefer the first option because it is more reliable.

In those moments, PUBG New State will be available to all users in the game world, and players can download the latest Krafton offers on your Android mobile and try out all the unique additions, including Troi Map and Erangel 2051.

Link to download the new PUBG New State Game for Android and iPhone
PUBG New State

Steps to download the new PUBG New State game

First step:The player must first run the Google Play Store app on its phones and search the PUBG New State Game using the search bar, and you can use this link Here Go directly to the PUBG New State page in the Play Store.

Second step:After locating the game in the store, click the “Install” button on the game, and remember that the size of the PUBG New State game in the Google Play Store is 1.44 GB. There is enough space on your mobile before the download starts.

Third step:At the last stage, after the game is fully installed on the mobile, the players can open the application and create their own account, and if you pre-register in PUBG New State you will get the exclusive permanent look of the vehicle for free. .

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