LeBron James is about to buy a new team!

NBA LeBron a le droit à une grosse surprise

He over-acts on the floors when he’s not injured, and LeBron James is on the outside like a businessman. According to rumors, this is not far from a successful big financial transaction. His investment team will finalize the purchase of valuable US ownership!

He may have been in basketball for two decades. LeBron James Most of all he is a game lover in general. Like many American youngsters, he competed in many categories before focusing on the orange ball. We can specifically quote US football, which has shown a certain talent, which some believe could be the most developed in the NFL. There were many rumors about this during the 2011 lockout.

More specifically, the businessman he is off the field is already involved in other sports, especially football and baseball. King has been a minority partner for the Liverpool club for many years, having partnered with Fenway Sports Group (FSG). His association with the team allows him to hold shares in the Boston Red Sox, a reputed team in the United States. However, the next area of ​​his interest seems to be ice rings.

LeBron James, soon to be co-owner of the NHL?

In fact, as the Wall Street Journal has revealed, the FSG is on the verge of a new acquisition: the Pittsburgh Penguins, which owns ice hockey in the NHL. Owned by Mario Lemieux and Ron Burke since 1999, the team in question has had some success in the last 20 years, with 15 appearances in three consecutive titles and playoffs. Eager to sell, the owners would have turned the group of investors into their nominee.

Those familiar with the matter say Fenway Sports Group LLC is in advanced talks to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. People said a deal could be finalized this weekend if negotiations are not broken. Unable to know the terms of the discussions.

Given the Pennsylvania ownership position, this would be a good thing for LeBron anyway. The one who often claims sports success claims big financial gains, and he touches a certain part of the bag to add his luck and is on all fronts at the moment. He is also in another major investment project with Rapper Drake. And it will be the largest gold mine. Because it could bring in at least $ 50 billion in the future.

As this news inspires him, we still hope to see him back on the floors soon. On the sidelines of a few games, in the Western Conference (8-7, 7ᵉ) he was hardly missed by the four-time champion Lakers. If he is to recover quickly, he must pray that the winger, who has been suffering from physical abuse for months, will not have a setback again.

Already financially very comfortable, LeBron could soon make its portfolio a little thicker. After all, what is the use of controlling what you already have? Obtaining an NFL title would be a nice extra line on his CV anyway.

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