The Yankees hired Louis Rojas as the third paceman

The Yankees hired Louis Rojas as the third paceman

A few weeks after being fired by Mets, Louis Rojas found a new job… but not a manager.

Here he is, the Yankees third paceman.

The Yankees recently sacked Bill Nevin, who held the top spot with manager Aaron Boone in management’s view.

Rojas had the option to stay with the Mets after losing his job. Instead, he chose to stay in New York.

He was interviewed a few weeks ago and it was great. It’s not surprising to see him work on creating a chemistry with Aaron Poon.

In my opinion the Yankees are good at adding to it. Why? Because he is a great bowler and he has a foothold in the system now.

Boone will not be there forever, it would be a very good thing to get experienced roses in New York.

The Yankees did a good job at it. Hat.

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