Netflix Christmas: Movies You Must Not Miss!

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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Here is the sequel to the first comedy “A christmas Prince: The royal wedding”!

Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is an American Christmas romantic comedy directed by John Schultz and starring its leading actors Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Sarah Douglas and Alice Griez.

This film is the third installment of the A Christmas Prince film available since November 2017. From December 5, 2019, you can see A christmas Prince: The Royal Baby on Netflix


For Christmas, Aldovi prepares to receive the most beautiful gift: a royal baby. But Queen Amber must first unravel a mystery and save her kingdom.

Christmas Alchemy

Christmas Alchemy is an American romantic comedy directed by Monica Mitchell that has been available on Netflix since 2019. The film stars Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Whitehouse and Emmanuelle Chriqui.


Magically driven in today’s world, a medieval knight falls under the spell of a high school science teacher who has no faith in love.


Directed by Nancy Myers in 2006, The Holiday is an American romantic comedy and episode Movies not to be missed this Christmas ! Released on Netflix on December 26, 2006, this 2:11 movie co-stars: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law


Both an American (Amanda) and an Englishman (Iris) were disappointed by the men and decided to exchange their residences without knowing each other. Iris lands in a dream house, while the famous Amanda discovers a small, unpretentious country house. The two women plan to spend a quiet vacation away from the male race, but it did not take into account Amanda’s visit to Iris ‘brother and Miles’ meeting for Iris.

Christmas at Snow Falls

Christmas in Snow Falls, whose real title is Christmas Legacy is a romantic comedy. Available on Netflix from December 15, 2017, lasting up to 1h44. Christmas at Snow Falls is directed by Amy Barbarash and stars Eliza Taylor, Jack Lacey and Andy McDowell.


In order to inherit her profession, a meager city dweller has to move to her father’s small hometown, where she discovers the value of her work and the meaning of others.

A Christmas fell from the sky

A Christmas fell from the sky An American film directed by Martin Wood, which will be available on Netflix from 2020 onwards. Pictures not to be missed Celebrate Christmas before Netflix with family or friends.


The parliamentary aide, who was sent to prepare to close the air base in the tropics just before Christmas, succumbed to the charm of a captain with a big heart.

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