How does the dam work in the South American region?

How does the dam work in the South American region?

This 2022 World Cup brings us a lot of news, which for the first time in its history will take place in Qatar later this year (November-December), and it gives us unprecedented jump-offs. If the African region and the European region are more complex, it is not in the South American region.

Description: "World Cup 2022: How does the dam work in the South American region?"

A round trip Inter-Federation Dam

Since the creation of the World Cup, South Americans have been looking forward to the turn. Brazil is the first CONMEBOL to qualify, Argentina should check their ticket soon, But behind them 7 teams neck and neck. Only the first 4 places confirm eligibility 5th place allows you to play jump-off. This The volley between the Confederates that stops them against the conqueror of the Oceania region. History has shown that the 5th qualifier in South America regularly checks tickets for the most beautiful matches, but football is a game full of great surprises!

Today, it is impossible to guess which country ranks 5th in the standings. Each team has 5 more games to play and only 8 points separate from 3rd (Ecuador) 9th (Bolivia). If Ecuador manages to retain its place in the top 4, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia will be in danger … One of its 3 biggest nations will be eliminated and one of them will have to compete in the jump-off competition!

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