Guadanjou strengthens its position in North America by acquiring Custom Essence

Guadanjou strengthens its position in North America by acquiring Custom Essence

Kwadon announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Custom essence, An American house that makes perfume. Through this transaction, no matter how much money is released, the company seeks to strengthen access to local and regional customers and expands its reach into natural perfumery in North America.

Natural Perfumes

Founded in 1981, Custom essence Family business in New Jersey, USA. She Specializes in the production of natural perfumes And produces different types of perfumes for local and regional customers and large customers.

Unique knowledge Custom essence Contributed greatly to its success in the creation of natural perfumes, especially in the field of natural products for the category of health products. Guided by a culture of creativity, agility and quality, the company has won the loyalty of a large customer base, for which it has developed some of the most popular fragrance products for consumers in the United States. , Givaudan explains.

The company employs over 70 people worldwide.

Acquisition Custom essence Fully compliant with our 2025 strategy aimed at strengthening our presence with local and regional customers and enhancing our capabilities in the field of natural perfumes. Custom Essence brings real expertise in managing fast growing customer segment and valuable knowledge in the field of natural perfume making. Maurizio Volpi, President of Givaudan Parfums et Beauté, commented.

Kwadon believes that is the function of Custom essence By 2020, the group’s results would represent an additional $ 40 million in additional revenue, based on a pro form.

Quidan will finance the transaction, which is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021, using existing resources.

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