7 Tech & Learning Ideas and Tools for EdTech Innovators

Technology and education are connected today more than ever. The rise of technological tools and advancements has significantly impacted the way we teach, learn, and study. Teachers are given the opportunity to make learning more fun, engaging, and thus easier for their students. This is all thanks to EdTech and the innovations that came with it.

It’s no wonder that more and more teachers are welcoming technology in their classes and using the benefits that it carries. For those of you who are embracing EdTech, we’ve prepared a list of the 7 best tech and learning ideas and tools that you’ll love applying in your classroom.

1.      Edmodo

If you know anything about EdTech, you must’ve heard at least something about Edmodo. This popular teacher-student platform is everything a teacher needs to keep the whole class together and engaged.

The app allows the teacher to create online environments for each of their classes and manage tasks online. That includes:

  • sharing class materials
  • assigning tasks
  • sharing grades
  • sending messages

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With Edmodo, even the parents can get involved and receive updates and news from the teacher. It’s a tool that truly allows the teacher to build a teaching environment by their standards.

2.      Gimkit

Gimkit is the next brilliant tool that teachers and students both love. It’s a gamification-based tool that allows teachers to create quizzes and use them in different ways. Teachers can:

  • check individual students’ knowledge
  • organize class competitions
  • assign homework tasks

It’s designed to help teachers present their materials better and check their students’ knowledge. Also, it helps the students memorize the materials easily.

3.      Twinkl

Sometimes, all that a teacher needs is good teaching materials and lesson plans that keep the students engaged. But, not every teacher is creative enough or has the time to create these on their own. Luckily, there’s Twinkl.

This EdTech tool is a helpful resource for teachers. It’s a collection of teacher-created lesson plans, games, handouts, and teaching materials. It uses everything from augmented reality to fun educational games. In case you want to create your materials, but don’t have the writing skills, you can find an essay writer online to help you out.

4.      Creaza

If you’re a teacher looking for an EdTech tool to enhance your students’ creativity then Creaza is one of the best EdTech tools you’ll find.

It’s very simple- this educational tool allows students to create cartoons, videos, podcasts, mind maps, and presentations.

That means that the students can use Creaza for school projects, group and teamwork, in-class activities, and homework assignments. Everything is more fun and easier when you add a bit of imagination and creative power to it.

5.      Kahoot

Kahoot is a truly amazing teacher resource that has all of the amazing features teachers need to give great lessons and keep their classes engaged. Kahoot is a game-based tool that allows teachers to create:

  • learning games
  • class competitions
  • interactive lessons

This way, all students are more engaged, focused, and happy with the time spent in class.

6.      GoNoodle

From time to time, you need to get the students moving and do something different in your class. GoNoodle is an EdTech tool that uses gamification and movement to get the students engaged. It helps increase students’ energy and focus by having them physically active. It promotes physical activity in the best possible way-through fun videos and exercises students love.

GoNoodle may seem silly at first, but you’ll soon realize you can use it in so many ways. It can be an ice-breaker for the beginning of the class, a fun activity to restore focus and concentration, or something students do as a reward in the end.

7.      Mind Meister

Mind mapping is a proven educational technique that helps students brainstorm ideas, process study materials, and memorize better. Mind Meister takes mind mapping to a whole new level by making it a group, peer activity.

Students can collaborate on mind maps in real-time and get engaged with their peers who are studying the same materials. Teachers can use this tool to come up with better lesson ideas and even research what students like. Plus, there are top rated research paper writing services that can help teachers write about their findings and observations.

Final Thoughts

EdTech innovators such as yourself know how important it is to stay updated on the latest trends, tools, and ideas that you can apply in the classroom. Learning about them and using them in practice can make a world of positive differences for teachers and their students.

We hope the list of 7 learning tools and ideas we’ve shared above will make your classes more productive for all participants.

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