“We turned Lakers into Clippers”

Everyone smiles when they read the words of Los Angeles Clippers 'NBA superstar Cavi Leonard, LeBron James' grief and the former team player who attributes the City of Angels ownership to the Lakers.

Adam Pontosi / Ronald Martinez

While the Angelino derby may not seem as inevitable as it did a few months ago, the rivalry between the Lakers and the Clippers is still relevant. With a statement that annoyed LeBron James and his teammates, a former supporter of Tyrone Lowe took responsibility for remembering it!

With an almost identical record at this point in the season, both owners are neck and neck in the Western Conference rankings. Sixth (8-5), the Clippers are seventh (8-6) ahead of their neighbors, the Lakers. Paradoxically, despite being apparently equal, the two camps did not show the same level this year.

En l’absence de Kawhi Leonard, do not The latest news is not very promising, Tyrone Lowe’s troops do not appear to be strong contenders for the title. Their biggest competitors, despite the complex start of the year, are still popular with bookmakers. Since then, the Los Angeles derby no longer surrounds themselves with the same expectation.

According to Pat Beverly, LA belongs to the Clippers

The historic rivalry between the two owners, it still exists, and it continues despite the loss of interest around their conflicts. Instead, ask Patrick Beverly, who has a blue and red heart even though he is leaving this summer. This Saturday, the Timberwolves leader slipped a small shovel for his old local rival when he was recently asked about going to the clips on the verge of reuniting with his former team.

What do I remember from those 4 years spent here? Lots of smiles, lots of smiles. (2) I have no regrets. I will not change anything. We gave everything to the town. We turned Lockers City into Clippers City, that’s all we can hear. We gave the fans and the city something exciting. For a number of reasons, people wanted to watch the Clippers game. We appreciated it.

Undeniably, the Clippers’ past seasons gave them a solid fan base. However, it seems a little too early to say that Los Angeles has really pushed the Lockers to the level of a secondary team. For this, Paul George and his associates, in the face and beard of the list of stars of purple and gold, must first get the first title in the history of the organization!

As always the most provocative in his speeches about the Lockers, Patrick Beverly continues to provoke competition in Los Angeles despite being a member of the Wolves. Pitbull will definitely not change!

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