The fleeing bank robber has not been in the hands of the police for more than 50 years Abroad

The fleeing bank robber has not been in the hands of the police for more than 50 years  Abroad

Theodore John Conrad has been able to avoid the police for more than half a century. He was one of the most wanted bank robbers in American history. No one knows where he went. See you this week. That person seems to have died this year.

Finally, to the relief of the Cleveland Police Department, the 52-year-old mystery has finally come to an end. Conrad again escaped prosecution. He was found dead in May this year.

Paper bag

On Friday, 1969, 20-year-old Conrad, who had worked as a bank clerk at Society National Bank in Cleveland, left at the end of his working day with a $ 215,000 paper bag. An amount now equivalent to $ 1.7 million (1.2 million euros). The theft was not discovered until a few days later, and Conrad was never asked again.

It was one of the biggest bank robberies ever in Cleveland. In the following years, the case received much attention.America’s Most Wanted ‘ On ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ And investigators continued to search for the bank robber who fled the country.

The other sign

It was only now that it became clear that Thomas Randall had lived through all those years. Under his new identity, he became a car dealer and avid golfer in suburban Boston. Researchers say he married, had a baby and lived a modest life.


Just this week, U.S. investigators from Cleveland compared the 1960s documents to the bankruptcy documents filed in Boston Federal Court in 2014 and established a connection between the two.

The discovery had some effect on his case. Thomas Randall died of lung cancer in Linfield, Massachusetts last May, born July 10, 1947. However, his actual date of birth was July 10, 1949. Conrad was 71 years old when he died.

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