Huawei finds a way to circumvent US sanctions: Business: Economy:

Huawei finds a way to circumvent US sanctions: Business: Economy:

Chinese company Huawei has found a way to avoid US sanctions. It plans to transfer the licenses for its mobile phones to other manufacturers in order to access important US technology. Bloomberg With evidence.

The technology company wants to transfer the smartphone manufacturing license to the Chinese state-owned postal and telecommunications device. Also, Huawei phones will start selling under the Xnova brand. Another source in the publication said that some of the Hawaii smartphones will be sold by telecommunications equipment manufacturer TD Tech.

In this case, the devices will come out with Huawei design, and the company will profit from the third manufacturer. Experts believe that the partnership with other companies will help Huawei to be at the forefront of smartphone developers.

Revenue from Chinese company Huawei’s smartphones Will collapse Analysts say it will be at least $ 30-40 billion by 2021. In May 2019, the United States imposed sanctions against the technology company. After them, Huawei disconnected from major US technologies, namely the advanced semiconductors required for its smartphones.

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