Android Apps: PhoneSpy Spyware: Now ‘Ya’ Spyware Increases Users’ Tension, Don’t Download By Phone – Read More Details Of Twenty Android Apps Affected With PhoneSpy Spyware

Android Apps: PhoneSpy Spyware: Now 'Ya' Spyware Increases Users' Tension, Don't Download By Phone - Read More Details Of Twenty Android Apps Affected With PhoneSpy Spyware


  • New tension now for smartphone users
  • The biggest blow to South Korean Android users
  • The name of this spyware is PhoneSpy

New Delhi : Android phone users should be careful again. Currently a new spyware is causing headaches for the users and it has been reported that this spyware is stealing personal data. It is currently the biggest hit on Android users in South Korea. This is called phonespy.

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PhoneSpy 23 appsmid

This was reported by mobile security company Zimbirium. PhoneSpy has been detected in 23 applications and these applications do not appear to be fake. In addition to stealing identities, they can be extremely harmful to users. According to the researcher, by accessing the phone’s camera, phonesby users can take real-time photos and videos without their knowledge.

These photos or videos may be used to intimidate personal or corporate users. Additionally, it can be used to spy on the Internet. This is so scary. If users accidentally download phoneSpy-infected app, they should be careful. These applications require various permissions.

Once allowed, PhoneSpy will disguise itself from the phone’s apps menu and track users in the background. According to researchers, this app is not currently in the Play Store. PhoneSpy promotes itself through web-traffic diversion or social engineering. It is very difficult to track this spyware. As a result, users should avoid downloading the app from any third party.

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