The most searched country in the world on Google! Interesting information released

The most searched country in the world on Google!  Interesting information released

Analysis of Google search data found that Canada is one of the most sought after countries in the world.

According to a report released by Remitly, Canada was the most searched destination for people from 36 different countries, from Colombia to India, with the desire to study abroad. It says more than any other country.

Data are collected and grouped together by analyzing the monthly search volume for common search terms such as “study in (location)” or “university in (location)” in 164 countries.

Spain is the most searched country in 13 countries, followed by Britain in 10 countries.

Similarly, the report found that France is the most searched place by Canadian students.

The report also explores search interest for the top 2,000 universities in the rankings, according to the World University Ranking Center.

The University of Toronto was ranked as the most searched university in Canada and ranked 7th in global search interest.

Harvard University tops the list, followed by UCLA and Oxford University.

Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, international student enrollment in Canada had more than tripled in 10 years.

The number of foreign students was 313,395 in Canadian post-secondary educational institutions in the 2018-2019 academic year, up from just 100,968 a decade ago.

Universities and colleges are increasingly relying on international tuition revenue for their operating budgets as they charge higher tuition fees to international students.

The number of international students in some fields has seen tremendous growth. Programs in Mathematics, Computer and Information Science The number of international students increased by 374 percent during that time.

The number of international students enrolling in projects related to the transport sector has also increased almost 7-fold.

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