For a long time, Australia was in the UK

For a long time, Australia was in the UK

Dominating but unbelievable, England finally knocked out Australia without much fear, relying on the opening of its opener James O’Connor (32-15, half time: 16-12) at Twickenham on Saturday.

Despite the superiority of the 20-minute count, the Wallabies were allowed two yellow cards but England had to wait for a last-minute try as they did not win the s’ Express attack. As part of this, XV de la Rose won 35-12 against Australia on Saturday in Twickenham. Tests-Competitions Of the autumn tour.

The eighth consecutive victory of the English over the Australians must have taken shape much earlier, and the English XV in the first period was very enthusiastic. From the 7th minute, he found the hole with a good attacking attack, which allowed his teammate Curtley Peele (7-3, 8th) to take the break and quietly flatten Freddie Stewart to take the lead.

There were chances to create breaks, but they sometimes failed due to strain or Wallabies’ heroic defense, like two screams by Scrum-Half Nick White on goals from Jamie George (35th) and Johnny Hill (47th). )

The second consecutive defeat for the Wallabies team

O’Connor, a 5/5 teacher who admitted that penalties were sometimes foolish, allowed his team to keep the match going until the last minute, with a little less confidence during the second half. But a ball stolen by Sam Simmonds in the last minute was a relief for the win as Jamie Flameyer recorded a try for the fourth game in a row.

This is the second consecutive defeat for the Wallabies after a brief defeat in Scotland (15-13) last Sunday. They will only try to save the honor in next week’s game against Cardiff Wales.

The English, who warmed up against Tonga (69-3), will have a more valuable match against world champions South Africa, and have learned a little more about the basics and the basics of realism in Scotland (30-15).

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