The gang that cheated the Govt certificate falls in Italy; There are also 2 minors

The gang that cheated the Govt certificate falls in Italy;  There are also 2 minors

Italian police remove a group of criminals dedicated to producing and selling fake certificates COVID-19 Through the use of telegrams, known as officers Italy They demand a complete vaccination program from people who want to enter swimming pools, bars, gyms or theaters.

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Proof that you have severe vaccines requires a certificate that takes 3 business days because the offenders are dedicated to it, Spanish chain Telematrid reported.

In order to obtain fake certificates, the gang hired doctors who filled out fake vaccination certificates and cooperated. Payments must be made in cryptocurrencies or purchase vouchers on digital trading platforms and prices range from 150 to 600 euros, according to Iberian media.

Time suggests it The captured 17-year-old bought branded clothing, cosmetics, electronics and cryptocurrencies, earning nearly 90 million pesos in just a few months.

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The young man lived with his parents, and they did not know their son’s activities because they firmly believed he was working on making video games, the Capital newspaper said.

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