RUGBY. World Cup 2027. The “safest” candidate against Australia and the United States?

RUGBY. Coupe du monde 2027. L'Australie, la candidature la plus ''sûre'' face aux Etats-Unis ?

At the same time Qatar and the Russia (Yes yes) will definitely be out of contention to set up the 2027 World Cup, rugby Australia captain Hamish McLennan said it was safe to turn the event into a win against the Australian nominee. United States. Host country World Cup 2027 will be appointed. The ‘Australia And America is still in competition to host the event. Australians rely heavily on the event to revive Rugby 15 in their country, a game in dire straits as a federation had to lay off nearly three-quarters of its staff. Its new leader, Hamish McLennan, after Raleigh Castle, thinks through him Planet rugby His candidacy is excellent and it is for many reasons. First, “We are known rugby country, so we have a rich tradition“He’s making progress.”Tourists and supporters alike want to come to Australia, we are recognized for our talent, we organize the event professionally and provide the expected financial return for World Rugby.“.RUGBY.  Video.  All blacks get over 100 points and destroy AmericaRUGBY. Video. All blacks get over 100 points and destroy AmericaAnother strong argument, according to him: Rugby is still a secret sport in the United States. And recent results Eagles It could reduce the country’s ability to host the World Rugby Tournament by 2027.The 2031 World Cup would be perfect for them. You’ve seen their decision against the All Blacks recently, they need time to build a competitive team.“The hypothesis of the 2031 World Cup in Australia and the United States in 2031 is becoming more and more credible. The 2027 edition will ensure that the International Federation’s treasury is filled, and the 2031 edition will take the risk of opening up.

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