“I’m glad he went east.”

Pourquoi Steve Kerr est euphorique après « la bonne journée des Warriors » NBA

While at the top of the Warriors League, Steve Kerr did not hide his joy at seeing a player leave the Western Conference. A good compliment from the Warriors boss.

Coaches have some players who want to look away from them. This is the case of one particular Alex Caruso, who is not really known for his attacking skills, but who is very poor in defense and has a basketball IQ above average. Not retained by lockers Who cannot do better than the opportunity to insult, Bald eagle flew to Chicago ாக Steve Kerin for fun!

The Warriors coach, who won 11-1 at the start of the season, paid tribute to Alex Caruso on the sidelines of the game between the Golden State and the Bulls. The news is clear: the collision with the former Laker 4 times a year caused the Taps Trickster more headaches, and he did not hide it.

Steve Kerr is delighted to see Alex Caruso

When asked about Divine Baldness, Steve Kerr was clear and did not hide his pleasure in not meeting him often:

He is really strong. I was very happy to see him leave for the Eastern Conference.

Proof? The line was dated last night, in which Caruso underwent a downgrade Step curry Still hot boiling:

Statistically, Caruso Caruso does and is not really impressive if we go through the paper: 8.2 points, 2.6 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 27 minutes this season (his biggest playing time of his life, by. By). But in terms of abstractions and impact on this great Bulls team, the former Laker has been enjoying it, and has already beaten the whole of Illinois with this kind of action:

Steve Kerr is glad he didn’t meet Alex Caruso much, and it’s a great compliment to a player who earned his respect by the sweat of his brow. Hats off to Carusho!

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