Frogs in London present your future “Mary”

Frogs in London present your future "Mary"

Our 13th day Calendar of arrival. Here is another good plan that will not leave you indifferent. Especially if you want to find “Mary at all costs” at the end of the year …

Frogs in London are growing fast. You can save your money Addition or restaurant, Your Cosmetics, Your New clothes, Your Haircut, Also activates the mobile app Matchmaker by introducing you to your future Mary. Finally, I have to say. Because Mary attracts women just as much as men. If you are in a relationship, it may be time to form a trio meeting with Mary and arrange a drink. No risk, she always knows how to behave!

We will keep an eye on you

Launched a few months ago by Eric Chambers, a French businessman based in London, Right in Kentish Town, is the first natural alternative drink to Mary Gin, very light in alcohol and calories and made with herbs such as basil, thyme and sage.

Marie, who mixes tonic and ice cubes or is consumed in cocktails, is aimed at all those who like the most refreshing and sophisticated drinks, and wants to avoid the negative effects of alcohol. So, a Marie & Tonic has six times less alcohol, which makes it the perfect drink to enjoy a good time with a couple or friends, but without the “tipsy”.

Low in alcohol and calories, but high in flavor

Mary is a beautiful plant. You will love its shade, its clothing and its perfume because even if the tonic is sprayed, it will still be very fragrant. If Mary shows only 6% alcohol, this allows her to be very low in calories, unlike other drinks. By comparison, at 25ml, Mary has eleven times fewer calories than a glass of wine, six times less than a vodka, and eighteen times less than a beer (33ml). Mary has to this day looked upon Londoners with their food and drink, but denied no pleasure.

Download the app frogsinlondon You can enjoy a 25% discount when you buy a bottle Mary Online.

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