PC backs elections in Nicaragua, despite Borik accusing it of being a “mockery”

PC backs elections in Nicaragua, despite Borik accusing it of being a "mockery"

Led by a group of political parties and movements Commonwealth (PC), Nicaragua backed the November 7 election And criticized the government of President Sebastian Pinera Does not recognize the legitimacy of the process.

Through a public statement, the communities blamed.The Chilean government is making a new mistake by ignoring the electoral process of the Republic of Nicaragua, Held on Sunday, November 7, 2021. What’s next, the breakdown of relationships?”.

Last Monday, La Moneda said it would not support the process in the Caribbean because it did not have “all the conditions that would be considered valid and transparent.” “These elections are aimed at stabilizing Daniel Ortega (…) in power and establishing a dictatorial regime.He added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Accused on that occasion that the day had passed “Against the backdrop of serious human rights violations, Imprisonment of opposition leaders and candidates, repression by independent parties. ”

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For their part, the communities said in the letter:The people of Nicaragua went to the polls en masse to elect their powers democratically In keeping with its organizational structure and current laws, it has quietly done so.

In addition, they pointed out “The election was held in the presence of international observers and comrades And they polled more than 68% of Nicaraguan voters, and by the age of 16 they had gained a large turnout and vote in the midst of a conflict of interest in which the North American government was an opponent.

One can criticize the manner in which this process was carried out and inquire about the value of human rights, but keeping in mind that there are international mechanisms for this, the will of the people cannot be ignored.. And the people must resolve their conflicts without foreign intervention, ”they added.

“Foreign Minister Andres Almond’s statement on behalf of the Pinara government seeks to unify our country in the policy of aggression and unilateral sanctions led by the United States and its European allies against the Nicaraguan people and government. The President of Chile is responsible for the systematic violation of human rights and the detention of political prisoners. But the Chilean people are facing this situation and will continue to face it, ”they added.

Finally, the Chilean parties and movements “have a majority of Nicaraguan people expressing themselves in the referendum, and President Daniel Ortega’s government has been given legal recognition”.

Our unity is with the people of Nicaragua And with its sovereign decision in building its future, ”they concluded.

Signed the statement Communist Party of Chile (PC), The Equality Party (PI), Movimiento del Socialismo Allendista, Izquierda Libertaria, Ukamau Chile and Movimiento de Pobladores en Lucha (MPL).

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Gabriel Borick: “Basic standards are not staged”

Despite what its presidential candidate PC has revealed, Gabriel BorickOn Sunday night, through his Twitter account, he said, “I have no doubt that Ortega-Murillo will make its debut in Nicaragua today. This is a fraudulent job and does not meet the basic standards that should be considered a legitimate choice”.

My resemblance to Sergio Ramirez, Dora Maria Telles, Christina Zamoro And all the people who oppose it, ”he added.

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