NFL | The Panthers hire Cam Newton

NFL |  The Panthers hire Cam Newton

(Charlotte) Carolina Panthers have signed a contract with quarterback and free agent Cam Newton, who was first selected by the club in a draft selection at the 2011 session.

Steve Reid
Associated Press

The group announced Thursday.

The Panthers have been hungry for football since starter Sam Dornold broke his shoulder 24-6 against the New England Patriots last week.

Substitute PJ Walker is scheduled to start Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. He will be replaced by Matt Barclay, who was hired from the Tennessee Titans coaching list.

It is unclear whether hiring Newton will turn these plans upside down.

Head coach Matt Rule said Wednesday that the team will “explore all options” to rectify the situation in the quarterback.

Newton has been in trouble for the past few seasons due to shoulder and leg injuries and has not been able to regain the size of the game that earned him the 2015 NFL MVP.

He was 7-16 in his last 23 starts with 20 interceptions against just 17 touchdowns. He has scored 12 Rushing Touch Downs in those games.

Newton spent nine seasons with the Panthers, amassing 29,041 passing yards with 182 touchdowns against 111 interceptions. He also set the record for most quick touchdowns by a quarterback.

He had his best season in 2015 because he contributed 45 touchdowns, including 10 pitches, and helped the Panthers reach the Super Bowl after a 15-1 record. However, Newton won 24-10 against BeyoncÓ«┐ Manning and Denver Broncos.

After losing his last eight starts with the team, the Panthers released him ahead of the 2020 season.

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