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Failure, Three from Los Angeles Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards And Kelly Scott Nicknamed “Cult Heroes” by Rolling stone And praised by their “breathtaking visceral space rock” Weekly entertainment, Returns with the much-anticipated sixth album, “Wild Type Droid”, Via December 3rd Chess music.

A preview of the collection of 10 songs will be released today “Head of the Head”.

“The lyrics came from my first memory when I was seven years old, leaving space in my bedroom, trying to conceive infinity, and seeing dust falling through the sun’s wires through my eyelids,” he explains. Edwards. “I heard that this dust was made of a lot of skin cells and it stuck with me. It’s a love song for those weird, innocent moments of loneliness.”

“For me, it captures the new musical approaches and techniques we are looking for on this album, but it remains a summary. Failure, Collaboration Andrews. “We ‘ve been together for a long time to find out that some of our best ideas came directly from these test sessions. For this album, we’ve developed this method longer than in the past. It’s revealed three aspects. There was a sense that it could be allowed. ”

People, The American visual artist who broke the NFT March 2021 international sales record, presents his “InnerSpace” on the cover of the album.

“It seems like a good place and a good time to leave the theme of iconography and space once and for all.” Gregory In the states. “In many ways this album feels like a return to earth. All spirits have been called back to their bodies. We have a lot to do in front of us.”

“Wild Type Droid” Track List:

01. Water by hand

02. Pear tree

03. Happy life

04. Submarines

05. Bring back the sound

06. Mercury mouth

07. Not decided

08. Long section

09. Incorrect translation

dix Half moon

Created in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, Failure Released five albums: “Comfort” (1992), “Zoomed in” (1994), “Fantastic Planet” (1996), “The heart is a monster” (2015) and “In the future, your body will be far from your mind” (Series of EPs released as album in 2018). The band is considered one of the most influential rock groups of the time Sub, In a global retrospective declaration of the group’s return, “Many of their contemporaries have become prosperous by releasing ungodly quantities of material.” FailureS [initial] The three-disc list is short, but important in terms of content, style and music structure. “

Photo credit: Priscilla c. Scott

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