Its GPS captures more customized navigation

After years of waiting on the side of the brand’s vehicle owners, Tesla has finally given up: gradually navigation is coming through a software update that is starting to be released.

Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

Once unusual, Tesla will update its vehicles (Model 3, Model Y., Model S. And Model X.) Add new features remotely. In the next update, a feature that many people have been waiting for a long time: step navigation.

On-board navigation … can be improved

Today, the navigation system that equips all Tesla does not allow you to manually add stops when entering a destination. Instead, any stop on the superchargers can be plugged in automatically so that the target can be reached at ease.

While this is a big deal, planning a trip is very low on customization. This changes today with the system version 2021.40.5, which brings the possibility of adding levels easily:

The system gives us the following option: “Add a new stop in your path by tapping the” + “icon in the navigation search button, then search for the destination or select a pin on the map”.

Details about the implementation of this feature are not yet known, such as the maximum steps of a trip, but they are expected to be revealed very soon once the Tesla drivers get the update. Elon Musk announced on Twitter in September 2020 Sorted navigation eventually occurs, which is undoubtedly exhausted by the constant demands of the owners.

There is no other alternative

Adding these steps to the navigation is very important at Tesla because it cannot be used Apple Carplay Where Android Auto In the manufacturer’s vehicles. Although many other manufacturers choose the simpler in-car system, with the compatibility of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Elon Musk’s company is still reluctant to offer it.

Then forget Google Maps, Waze Or even AbetterRoutePlanner At Tesla, you have no choice but to trust the vehicle’s navigation system. Adding steps is another way for Tesla to justify the fact that it requires no navigation other than an on-board one.

Because they are ahead of many manufacturers in terms of autonomous driving, Tesla is sometimes presented as a vehicle with more capacity than they actually can.
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