In London, chaos at “King Boris” court

Encouraged by the overwhelming parliamentary majority and fierce opposition, the British Prime Minister has rejected all contradictions in his entourage. A dangerous operating system that has become a source of growing corruption, this conservative magazine despises.

Something is rotten in Boris Johnson’s kingdom. And Its Viewer, Guided by the British Prime Minister in the early 2000s, he says. Head of Government for the past few months “Dismissed the most talkative ministers and created a court around him rather than the government.”. And in this yard, Faith prevails there On capacity, “Chaos rules”, Strikes in one of the November 13 editions of Conservative Weekly Magazine.

Here’s how it happens: From 10 comes a bad idea Downing Street, come Owen Patterson, MP tied for the campaign, Or it Approval should be given to treatment plants to discharge wastewater into the sea. No one thinks about the implications of such decisions, does not want to criticize the Prime Minister, and suddenly the idea is announced. The following is a shout-out, finally pin-pedaling in perfect shape. ”

For the majority of MPs, the Patterson affair caused an awareness. Of course, without Boris Johnson, “Conservatives would not have won the 2019 assembly election with such enthusiasm. Because the voters voted for him And he expressed a desire to implement Brexit rather than for the party. But the unwavering faith of parliamentarians is beginning to crumble. “They see how their leaders act and how every failure ends.”, Slide Viewer.

“With the help of majority and incompetent opposition, Boris Johnson will be able to cope with this kind of escape – only to a point, The London newspaper warns. The ‘King Boris’ style worked for a time, making Brexit a reality was essential, and the period of control and epidemics allowed him to continue that momentum. But Johnson did not have the creation of a great dictator. Not interested enough in politics, the weekly magazine promises, and very inconsistent in its positions.

“All it takes is a government where power is well-distributed and ideas are properly discussed.” But does he have the courage to admit it? “Among his entourage, some fear he will rejoice in the court situation.” Others, by contrast, “Realize he has no choice”. This week, his popularity has plummeted since taking office. In opinion polls, the Conservatives have the upper hand over the Labor Party. “His main source of personal legitimacy”, Melted like ice in the sun. Final proof, for Viewer, That, “Not working for the country and his organization does not work for him personally”.


“The Spectator” is a British newspaper company. Founded in 1828, it is the leading magazine for intellectuals and conservative leaders, but Euroseptics: Viewer Supported leaving the Union


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