Govt passports, regional restrictions. Expert in government operations on the fourth wave

Govt passports, regional restrictions.  Expert in government operations on the fourth wave

கோ Should coveted passports be mandatory when using restaurants, theaters or offices?

– Of course yes. In countries such as the United States or Canada, it is mandatory to have a Govt passport when using it not only at entertainment venues but also at the entrances of public buildings. The planned introduction of such an obligation in Austria proves that vaccination is highly encouraging. Currently, there are lines to vaccination points because it is unthinkable that people would not be able to enter a cinema or restaurant.

In addition, vaccination should be mandatory in occupations such as physicians and health workers or teachers who are in constant contact with a very large group. In Poland, vaccines are not yet adequate. The group of unvaccinated people is about 15 million Poles. Keep in mind that there are those who, despite being fully vaccinated, are unable or unable to develop immunity. There are also patients who cannot get vaccinated for various diseases, even if they want to.

How large is the group of individuals who do not have antibodies, even if fully vaccinated?

– About 5-10 percent of so-called group unresponsive. The entire population. These people are healthy, but their immune systems do not respond to the vaccine. This is not a new phenomenon and similar vaccine deficiencies are found in other vaccines. On the other hand, people with low immunity, for example related to cancer, can develop immunity, but it may be much lower.

What about vaccinating children?

– Children 5-11 years of age can be expected to be allowed to be vaccinated soon. The age of the parents, unfortunately, as shown by the vaccination statistics for adolescents from 11 years of age, still casts doubt on the safety of these vaccines. The current situation in hospitals in pediatric wards is conducive to the need for vaccinations. Filling hospital beds immediately ensures that the fourth wave does not leave younger patients, who may also be more severely affected by COVID-19 and then struggle with serious complications. In previous waves, there were very few such patients and now more beds need to be made for them. The increasingly difficult situation in pediatrics may include the lack of pediatricians and departments.

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