Theo Malitan, terribly cold rain

After a very inspiring rookie season, Theo Malitan is confident that he will definitely make this great dynamic ride this year. Nevertheless, with the start of the gym, the catastrophic turn of the young French leader is the opposite scene!

With a decision ready, he will currently have the Olympic silver medal in his room. A few months ago Vincent Colette voted to take part in the Olympics with the French team, but Theo Maliden declined the invitation. Chose to prioritize his NBA career. Under Thunder Colors is a career he started well last year.

The French Rear, who finished 34th in the 2020 draft, has, ironically, scored the 6th biggest total minutes of last-class rookies. With so many cards signed during his first campaign in the league, he was also able to take advantage of it Some great owner records are hanging. So this season was promising for him.

Theo Malitan was sent by the Thunder to the G-League

Still in view during the Summer League, Malidon has disappeared from the radar with its poor performance. With an average of only 2.2 points, and a stellar performance of 20.6% shooting and 13.6% at 3 points, the former ASVEL forced Mark Techno to reduce his playing time. The worst sign that the OKC coach has reacted through restless terms.

Theo Malitan did not play tonight. Mark Dacnold said the plan was from the beginning. Malidon’s minutes were transferred to the tray menu.

Dacnold pointed out that both Maleden and Deer will spend time with Oklahoma City Blue. So far, Malitan has never played in the G-League.

With the return of Shia Kilgius-Alexander from injury and the exciting arrival of Josh Kide on the team, Malidon’s place in the Oklahoma City Round is starting to get better. A sad observation for the young French player, so he will have to fight to get his place in the G-League. After all, he had nothing to lose, and in the end, Trey Man stole his minutes last night!

The seasons follow each other and unfortunately the thunder is not the same for Theo Malitan. Before the quick comeback, let’s congratulate the French that this is only a bad connection!

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