Cinema – Jared Letto did six hours of makeup a day for “House of Gucci”

Jared Leto à son arrivée à l’avant-première du film House of Gucci, à Londres le 9 novembre 2021.


The film revolves around the 1995 assassination of his cousin Mauricio and stars American actor Paulo Gucci. On the big screen on November 24th.

Jared Leto arrives for the premiere of the House of Gucci movie on November 9, 2021 in London.

Jared Leto arrives for the premiere of the House of Gucci movie on November 9, 2021 in London.


Jared Leto spent six hours a day on makeup to become Pavlo Gucci in the movie House of Gucci. Oscar winner (nElr: per person Supporting actor At the Dallas Buyers Club In 2014) Played the former vice president and general manager of the Italian fashion house in the upcoming Ridley Scott play, and his body transformation required a lot of work.

The actor had to wear a magnifying glass, adding prostheses and a fake skull to the face. In an interview with the PA News Agency at the London premiere of the film on Tuesday, he revealed that he took six hours of filming every day to change it before operating the cameras. “But every second is worth it,” he said. “This character has it all. The body is important, but the heart and soul are more. I was different in walking, talking, dancing and singing. I have a lot of respect for Paulo Gucci and I have the opportunity to slip into his moccasins.” I feel so grateful for what I got.

The singer and guitarist of the rock band “30 Seconds to Mars” said that his portrayal of Paulo Gucci was more of a “painting” of a businessman than a “photograph”. “You do research, read everything you can, look at the photos and some of the interviews he can give. Finally, you let your imagination take over because, of course, this is a painting, not a photograph, not a documentary,” he said of his production process.

The release of “House of Gucci” starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver is scheduled for theaters on November 24.

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