Xiaomi 11T 108 MP camera photo capability tested at night


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The Xiaomi 11T uses the Dimensity 1200 Ultra, which enhances the phone’s ability to record photos. Photo: Xiaomi Dock

Jakarta – Pre-order for Xiaomi 11T will open at 00.00 WIB on Thursday 11th November 2021. Before purchasing, Mi fans must first identify the quality of the camera.

The Xiaomi T series is really aimed at bringing quality performance and cameras to the middle class.

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For example, the Xiaomi 11T features three pro-grade 108MP cameras, a 6.67 “FHD + flat AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, 67W faster charging and a MediaTek Dimension 1200-Ultra chipset.

The three cameras on the Xiaomi 11T are over. The 108MP main camera is suitable for all shooting conditions and various situations. For example, if you want to photograph close-ups, getting bokeh on the subject, night scenes, food, etc., or if the user wants to take pictures quickly and with great results.

Second, there is the 8MP ultra wide camera. This camera is useful for capturing the environment, landscapes or objects with good background. Starting from cafes, houses, some scenery, mountains, scenery on the beach.

Finally, the 5 MP telemacro camera offers users the opportunity to explore small objects. Starts with plants, insects, rocks or other. This is because the Dimensity 1200 in the Xiaomi 11T greatly enhances the ISP capability of the phone. Therefore, users can easily get images.

Xiaomi 11T 108 MP camera photo capability tested at night

The strength of the ISP, which is supported by Dimensity 1200 Ultra, allows you to see how the phone can record images at night with Night Mode 2.0 mode, which can be operated from the main camera, ultra-white camera and front camera.

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Xiaomi 11T 108 MP camera photo capability tested at night

This means that although the resolution and aperture are different, the dark night will not be a barrier on all three cameras. 9-in-1 pixel pinning technology reduces image noise. In night mode, the resulting photo will be clear.

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