Why the shooting of the next film is delayed

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This is bad news for Star Wars fans. Rogue Force, Saga’s next film, which is set to release in December 2023, may have its shooting postponed. According to Hollywood Reporter, The production of this film was to start in 2022. Filmmaker Grandma Jenkins’ schedule doesn’t give her the time she needs next year.

Disney has not fallen short of Star Wars’ ambition

In detail, our colleagues mention that they do not know what plans will prevent her from getting there, but we already know that she is working. Wonder Woman3 Warner Bros. and Cleopatra To Paramount. ” Sources say that Wonder Woman 3 was originally planned to follow the Squadron, but that may change as the latter is no longer on the table. », Refers to the American media.

Last June, Grandma Jenkins recently brought up this project and her busy schedule in an interview:

I am currently focusing on three projects. I will definitely do the Rock Squadron later, but I’m also looking forward to Wonder Woman 3. Books, video games and all the news from Michael Stockpole’s Rock Squadron … there’s a wonderful story. Yet it should take us to a new era, we have a pilot movie that I always wanted to do.

It remains to be seen if Lucasfilm has other plans to deal with this risk. This is especially true as Marvel’s Kevin Faiz and Taika Waittiti are currently making their own film in the Star Wars universe.

The Disney Saga universe has many products related to the series. We can follow the adventures of Bopa Fett in December‘Obi-Van Kenobi, Or The Montalorian Season 3. In short, the Star Wars franchise still has a bright future.

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