“Unacceptable”: Damien Lillard cracked and screwed

L'équipe maudite contre laquelle Damian Lillard est un fantôme NBA

Once again at an excellent level, Damien Lillard is even more frustrated by a particular aspect of his encounters. So, before being badly repulsed by internet users, he expressed his anger in this matter!

His awareness for lockers Apparently not an epiphenomine. Damien Lillard, the best architect of the Blazers success on the floor of the Staples Center last Saturday, confirmed last night that he would return to this small form with a new inspiring performance. This time against the Clippers, Star Leader was able to accumulate 27 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, despite the fact that it was still an upgradeable address (11/23 shooting, 4/13 to 3 points).

At the end of the meeting, Portland (109-117) lost, however, and he decided not to pour in his percentages, or even this bad result for his team. When asked about the refereeing review this season, Dame made his point clearly, And joined James Horton or Trey Young By urging the authorities to review their copy as soon as possible.

I think the way the game is refereed is unacceptable. I do not want to go too far to make it a big deal, but the explanations, things they do not see… Seriously, man. Before the season started, I thought changing the rules was not going to affect me because I was not going to trap the referees. I do not take action to trap them … it is unacceptable. “

Lillard, who was dissatisfied with the arbitral tribunal, was punished by the web

It’s true that unlike Horton or Young, Lillard doesn’t have to be known to be a big fan of easy whistling. However, Internet users have no problem assembling his famous set of “engine actions” in which he will voluntarily interact behind the scenes. This, during the 2020 playoffs, with meetings against the Lakers!

In this case, Damien Lillard would have done better to remain silent, even if he deserved to be convinced that the referees had not conducted his meetings properly!

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